Steel in various industries


All segments of the energy sector, including nuclear, wind power, electric and natural gas, demand steel for infrastructure. Steel is also used for resource extraction, such as in offshore platforms, earth-moving and quarrying equipment, cranes, and forklifts. 

In addition to these, many other energy projects rely on large amounts of steel:

  • oil and gas wells and platforms

  • pipelines

  • electricity power turbine components

  • electricity pylons: 

  • wind turbines

  • transmission towers

  • electromagnets

  • transformer cores

  • electromagnetic shields




Steel accounts for over 50% of the weight of an average car.

Different types of steel are used for the car body, doors, engine, gearbox, steering, suspension, wheel axles, and interior.

Besides the automotive market, steel is found in transport materials such as:

  • trucks

  • transmissions

  • trains

  • rails

  • ships

  • anchor chains

  • aircraft undercarriages

  • jet engines components