Value Adding

Stalcor’s most exciting initiative is the launching of a “first of a kind” customer loyalty incentive in the metals industry. Stalcor is busy implementing programs that include 14% shareholding in the company for the benefit of Stalcor customers. This will allow them to share in all the benefits of being a shareholder coupled with an entitlement to receive dividends declared by the company.
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Stalcor Products
  • Stalcor-Product-1
    Coated steel
  • Stalcor-Product-2
     STAINLESS steel Tubes
  • Stalcor-Product-3
     STAINLESS steel Plates
  • Stalcor-Product-4
     STAINLESS Steel Sheets
  • Stalcor-Product-5
    Aluminium Coils
  • Stalcor-Product-6
    Aluminium Tread Plate