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All Stalcor operations are ISO 9001 compliant. We are currently South Africa’s third largest supplier of Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium. To maintain our position in the market, we will continue to subscribe to Global Best Practices and ensure the application of internationally recognized quality standards.

Stalcor presents the EZ Rails Stainless Steel Balustrade Kit

Stalcor is proud to announce that we have now become a stockist for EZ Rails. EZ Rails is a manufacturer and supplier of a one of a kind DIY balustrading system that uses architectural and decorative tubing to create easy-to-install balustrade kits that can be installed by anyone.  EZ Rails products are ISO 9001 compliant and adhere to Global Best Practices, plus, all products are on par with the application of internationally recognized quality standards. EZ Rail  products are available at our coastal branches:

  • Cape Town
  • Durban
  • Port Elizabeth


WHY EZ Rails?

Affordable, simple safe way to assemble your balustrade project. You don’t have to be a professional to do a professional assembly yourself. We pre- manufacture professional Architectural POST systems for the Balustrading industry for your convenience.

  • Quick and easy installation with basic tools;
  • Saves you time and money;
  • No welding, grinding or polishing required, therefore, no contamination;
  • Stronger Fixing methods
  • DIY Friendly
  • Quick lead times as standard items are ex-stock;
  • The posts are specifically designed to fit any configuration or stair angle;
  • Systems are made to your measurements and specifications
  • Kits are self-connecting and ready to assemble
  • Skill level  3/10
  • Difficulty level  2/10
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Options for inland and coastal systems are available
  • The stainless steel is anti-fingerprint and antibacterial with a self-cleaning coat; and
  • The posts are in different finishes and colours.
For more technical information on EZ Rail posts please visit http://www.ezrails.co.za/


The EZRail Handrailing Systems are Complete, Ready to assemble, Self-Connecting Kit Systems, easy to install, saving you time and money, interior and exterior railing system. The posts are designed to fit all (site conductions) any (configuration) and stair angles you may encounter hassle free, after choosing posts and (top rail) handrails, choose an (system) in-fill, Horizontal Tube, Glass, Cable, Pool, Side Wall Mount Handrail. The handrail (top rail) supplied in 2/3/6 meter in length and can be joined together for longer runs. Tubes can be cut to size with a hacksaw or an angle grinder. A assembly video and step by step instruction are available, our posts kits Fits any angle of stair. Simply adjust the pre made post in-fill holder to your required angle of stairs, Top rail angle adjustment is just as simple, automatically adjust to your stair angle. All corner post same applies.. No welding, no grinding, no polishing, no drilling, no mitring as traditionally done..    It’s all in the design set for today’s designer trends,  No complex tools needed. Skill level required for assembly is very (basic) (3/10) (straight forward).

  • 50,8mm Top Rail stainless steel tube in 6 meter lengths
  • 50,8mm Top Rail Maranti wood in 3 meter lengths
  • Post spacing should be 1,2m apart
  • Offer 5 to 8 -rows of horizontal in-fill between posts.
  • Glass posts supplied without glass, 6-8-10mm options
  • Cable posts sold complete with 4mm cable and fittings
  • Side Wall Mount handrails are sold with handrail and brackets complete. Offer loose components or factory fitted
  • 1m High post. Posts sold separate
  • Pool posts 1,2m high post. Sold separately
  • All our hand rail systems are tested and approved by SABS and meet all international standards set.
  • Domestic and commercial applications
  • Recommended for exterior or interior use
  • No Elbows, No Welding nor Drilling “Just Connect It!”
  • Tubes can be cut to size with a hacksaw or an angle grinder
  • All our systems are pre- manufactured complete, self-connecting, ready to assemble kit systems, for any application
  • Quick and easy assembly – DIY friendly
  • All our systems are available within 24 hours of order placement.
  • Easy assembly, no special skills required, basic hand tools
  • Available in Stainless Grade 304L (inland) & Grade 316L (coastal) with Satin and Mirror finish, Mild steel primed with power coated options (Available on request).
  • Homeowner is responsible to verify code compliance
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