Quality Products

Quality Products

All Stalcor operations are ISO 9001 compliant. We are currently South Africa’s third largest supplier ofSteel, Stainless Steel andAluminium. To maintain our position in the market. we will continue to subscribe to Global Best Practices and ensure the application of internationally recognized quality standards.




Electrogalvanised Coils



Galvanised Coils



Cold Rolled Coils


Commercial Quality


Hot Rolled Coils


Commercial Quality
Commercial Quality P&O
Supraform 190 P&C

Carbon Steel Coils
Stalcor are stockists and supplier of a wide range of hot rolled, cold rolled, galvanized and pre-painted, sheets, coil and plate in comercial, certified and wear resistant qualities. This comprehensive range of products are sourced from both local and international mills.
Stalcor Products
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    Coated steel
  • Stalcor-Product-2
    steel Tubes
  • Stalcor-Product-3
    steel Plates
  • Stalcor-Product-4
    Engineering Profiles
  • Stalcor-Product-5
    Aluminium Coils
  • Stalcor-Product-6
    Aluminium Tread Plate