About Stalcor

About Stalcor

Established in 2001, with the management buyout of Dorbyl’s metal trading divisions, the Stalcor’s success is built on the acquisition of Baldwins Steel and Stalcor. These two long established market leaders jointly offer a range of metal products and distribution channels.

Board of Directors

CSI Chairman: Chris Ransome

Chris has been closely associated with Stalcor since 2002, when he led the buyout of Stalcor and Baldwins from Dorbyl. A Chartered Accountant (SA), Chris was the chairman of both Midas and DCDDorbyl from 2002 to 2009 and Global Roofing Solutions from 2003 to 2008.

Over the past 12 years Chris has acquired shareholdings in various sizeable businesses and infused them with his entrepreneurial flair, innovation and enthusiasm yet maintaining high levels of accountabilty. “Generally, business is not complicated … its about doing the basics well, demonstrating high levels of excitement about your customers and products while maintaining administrative disciplines,” explains Ransome.

CSI CEO: Paul Miot

Paul joins the company with a private equity background. He is the former managing director of an international electronic components company. Paul, a Chartered Accountant (SA) with an MBA from London Business School, is a businessman with vast hands-on experience.

Paul jumped at the opportunity of participating in the Stalcor business which he believes “is well positioned to take advantage of opportunities in the market”.

Managing Director: Craig du Plessis

Craig has been in the steel industry for the past 10 years and with Stalcor for the past seven. “I have always enjoyed a sales orientated environment and more recently making strides in our marketing strategy. I am a proud member of a 43-year-old brand and extremely grateful to our customers who have supported Stalcor.”

Customer and Supplier Credit Director: Judy Coppin

Judy Coppin has been employed in the steel industry for 32 years and has been actively involved in credit management for 21 of those. “I enjoy all aspects of credit and am look forward to making a positive contribution to a “new” Stalcor, which together with our clients will go from strength to strength in the market.”

Stalcor’s independent media and strategy advisor: Michael Louw

Michael has previous experience helping manage the KMG brand back in 2002. He comes back to Stalcor as an independent consultant to help with the branding, marketing and strategy of the company. “The Stalcor brand has always been associated with quality products and outstanding customer service, these are just two of the character traits that will ensure the future growth for the revitalised company.”

Stalcor Products
  • Stalcor-Product-1
    Coated steel
  • Stalcor-Product-2
     stainless steel tubes
  • Stalcor-Product-3
     stainless steel plates
  • Stalcor-Product-4
     stainless steel sheets
  • Stalcor-Product-5
    Aluminium Coils
  • Stalcor-Product-6
    Aluminium Tread Plate